Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alright I'm back after a very long Hiatus. It's winter and there is NOTHING going on.

1. Who is going to take Hamilton's ridiculous contract that will be way to much and he won't amount to?

2. What will they do with Profar, Kinsler, Andrus.
On that one I say put Profar in the minors, let him develop a little more, and bring him up later in the year. For goodness sake he's 19.

3. Should they take B.J. Upton to replace Hamilton. Ummmm no, not to replace him. Not many are going to come close to a replacement, but it's in my opinion a better option than Martin/Gentry Platoon. Neither are going to produce offensively the way we need them to.
BJ Upton Article

Until there is more news to report.

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