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Week of June 17th, 2013

Roster Moves of the Week:

  • Jeff Baker to 15 day DL for spraining his thumb on a high five
  • McGuinness who has been playing 1st since Mooreland has been out is back to AAA because he can't bat.
  • Joe Ortiz (reliever) brought up from AAA
  • Chirinos (catcher/1st) brought up from AAA- I don't really think he can bat either but Mooreland will be back soon.
  • Martin Perez up from AAA 
  • I think this was the right choice as Perez is a better pitcher than Lindblom certainly, and I'd say Tepesch and Grimm probably as well. I think they were giving him time since his injury, and should have brought him back long ago.
  • Josh Lindblom back to AAA. 
  • Joe Ortiz Optioned to AAA
  • Mitch Mooreland will be back tomorrow which gives the Rangers their full lineup.
  • Yoshinori Tateyama was traded to the Yankees for future considerations. He was effective before the trade of Uhaura and Adams in 2011 and declined from there. He's more of a right hand pitcher guy that was probably used as a long hand man incorrectly. He signed a contract in our minor league system this year. 
  • Gentry to DL for a hand fracture after being hit by a pitch on the 18th
  • Engle Beltre called up from AAA. Has a .300 average in AAA and is the best outfielder to man any outfield spot. Welcome up Beltre.
A note about roster moves.....there sure are way too many of them, thus showing off how injury ridden this team really is. I'd really like to see this list get shorter, get a healthy team out there, and win some ball games.

1. We are back to talking about Profar. His incredible talent to play the infield is blocked as has been said before, but after being called up to the majors due to Kinsler's injury he showed that he can hit well enough to make a case for himself in the majors there as well. Currently Washington is rotating him around to different positions to get him some playing time, but the only long term solution being tossed around out there is to stick him in the outfield where he has never played before. I'm still sticking to the leave him at AAA theory, use him as needed in the majors, and make a gigantic trade for him later. Please don't put good talent in the outfield where is doesn't belong.

2. Biogenesis has begun interviewing players said to be involved in possession and/or using of PED's. A-Rod and Braun are being questioned last. Why?

3. Joakim Soia is starting his rehab assignment in AA Frisco. This is an interesting situation. He was one of the best relievers for the Royals before having Tommy John Surgery in April of 2012 setting him back a year. He was acquired by the Rangers as a free agent with the hopes that he'll be just as good when he comes back. Assuming he is, it poses a problem with what to do with our relievers. We have a pretty good bullpen (9th) in the league (I think) but I know it's pretty solid. We have two good middle relievers in Cotts and Frasor, Ross in the 7th, Sheppers in the 8th, and Nathan in the 9th. All of them have proven they deserve to be where they are, so who do you take out? Soria has up to 30 days in rehab although he doesn't have to use all of it. If I had to take a guess they take out Frasor, but that's just drawing from a hat at this point.

Rangers vs. Athletics (home)
This is a make it or break it series...possibly for the entire season. Basically the Rangers have played worse than they really are, while the Athletics have played better than they are. Currently we sit three games behind them, and worst case scenario we are 7 games back when it's all over. However, Murphy is going to start swinging a bat, Kinsler will go back to hitting the way he was before his injury, Martin/Gentry will make some run production, Andrus will start hitting better to bring his OPS up.....oh wait newsflash...this needs to happen starting tonight! Scary thought since they just scored a total of four runs in a four game series. Oh well here's a link that breaks down the situation a little more clearly. Rangers/Athletics Breakdown

17th-8-7 Rangers win! Yes they won! Cruz hit 2 homers and knocked in four runs alone. That's as many as we had in the four game series against the Blue Jays. Pierzynski went 2-3 with a walk. The bats were as hot as the 95 degree heat. The only not so hot thing was Tepesch who left in the fourth after giving up 6 runs.

18th-6-2 Rangers Lose-Our win streak didn't last for long, and what a disappointing game this was. Darvish wasn't on his game, and naturally the offense didn't help him out. Enough about that. The worst case scenario at this point is being 5 games back, which would still be pretty awful. Ian Kinsler did slam into Jaso (the catcher) for a which he then got three stitches in between innings to finish the game. It's pretty fun to watch. KInsler slam at the plate

19th-9-4 Rangers Win-Leonys Martin scored big going 2-3 with a walk, stolen base, and two runs scored. He's putting his best foot forward for the Martin/Gentry duo out there, not to mention the 15.5 million we payed him 3 years ago for his amazing arm. Martin my man your earning your spot on this ball club. It wasn't just Martin though, the offense showed up!

20th-4-3 Rangers Win- That's right folks, the Rangers came back from that horrible losing streak to win  three out of four to the Athletics decreasing their lead to one game. The Rangers were up 4-3 in the ninth with the tying run sliding to the plate for an incredible out. I've linked the Audio to the play. Winning call at the plate

21st-6-4 Rangers Win-Holland didn't have the best start through five, but ended up retiring his final 12 to go seven innings. Murphy got a hit (incredible) After checking stats he's up from .208-.220. Still terrible. Cruz drove in the game winning double in the 9th to win a game that had been tied since the 2nd. Feels really great to beat the Cardinals. After our heartbreak in 2011, it should be a time for celebration. Although I do have a feeling at the same time that it's all bygones because it's not the same Ranger team playing the same Cardinals team either. Just two great ball clubs duking it out. They won't play each other again this year unless it's the world series.

22nd-4-2 Rangers Win-Perez showed us he can pitch. Oh and apparently Cruz is doing great in the #3 spot in the rotations. He's on a four game hitting streak from that spot. Good game gentleman.


Rangers up .5 game in AL West 
4th in MLB

Hell of a week for the Rangers but they pulled through with those big wins against the Athletics. We went from 3 games down last week to winning this week. Way to go guys.

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